About Me

My Background

I have always had an innate drive to create. It thrills me to make something out of nothing, or to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. It is also intriguing to me to know that my art will be here, long after I’m gone. Creating art means the world to me; it’s my outlet, my escape, and my passion. 

My Mediums

I enjoy working with a variety of mediums from acrylics, to collage, relief printing, the list goes on! I believe it's so important to experiment with different mediums, styles, and techniques because with constant experimentation comes new skills and innovative types of art.

My Inspiration

I find great inspiration for my work from the things I admire; be it California, places I enjoy, or simply my favorite rappers. I have developed my signature style over the years by utilizing a bright, bold palette. I am motivated to use such colors as I adore the vibrancy and energy the vividness brings to the works.